ZipCut Pro's unique design allows you to cut tough fishing lines with ease by taking advantage of the "guillotine" effect. Its non-slip rubberized mounting base won't slip and will not harm the finish on your fishing rod. It fits a wide variety of fishing rod diameters. Use the ZipCut Pro to remove lures, and to cut the tag ends of line after you tie on a new lure.

1. Insert fastener strap though slot at base of ZipCut with fuzzy side up.

2. Feed strap through as far as possible until strap ring is touching ZipCut.

3. Place ZipCut on soft mounting base and then on rod.

4. Wrap strap around rod and through strap ring under high tension and back onto itself.

5. Cut off excess strap.


1. Hold rod under your arm with ZipCut logo towards you.

2. Firmly hold line in one hand and lure in the other.

3. Position line in cutting channel with both hands.

4. PULL UP while sliding back towards blade until line is cut.

For heavier lines, place thumb on ZipCut logo while cutting for more leverage.

Caution: Accidental cutting of the eye of a hook or ring of a lure may damage the blade.